Monday, April 21, 2008

Things You may not know about me....

Okay so I was tagged by Tina
to say a few things about me. I'm not that interesting really.

1. Well, I truly have a passion for photography. Before I had my first son which is now 5, I took pics on the side mainly for pleasure and to see the out come. I recently got a new camera thecanon SD850, & just now I am able to play around with it. I originally bought it so we are able to take pics underwater. Anyways, I love it. My next buy will be the Canon XTi.

2. Well, I was raised on a I guess you could say "farm". We had just about every animal known to man, a few baby calves, lots of horses, a pig every now and then, ducks, geese, Oh and let me not for get the goats. I think at one time we had over 150 rabbits. Lots and lots of work. I have always rode horses up until I graduated high school and then it was boys of course.We used to ride a the Millington Saddle Club & sometimes Woodstock.I wish I had one now, but not the responsibility.

3.I love the outdoors and love,love,love to play softball.I will be honest I am a very sore looser. I played basketball in high school mainly on the bench, go figure I'm 5'2.

4.I guess one weird thing I can do is flip my eye lids like this. Some people might tell you they will stay that was, but that's not true.You can really scare people! Ha

5.Every year we travel to Destin, Fl where we adore the beach. It is absolutely gorgeous. Here is where we have stayed the past 4 years.Our children love the pool and the beach is crystal clear. They have wonderful restaurants and LOTS of shopping! I would love to be a travel agent for this destination.

6. Most of you may know this already but I have been making and selling candles the past six years. I also create picture purses. Tina so graciously designed my fabulous blog for me. Now maybe we can work on a candle blog hint hint. I guess that would entitle some free candles.

7.This will seem funny to a few. I was raised in a Penacostal Church up until about the age of 13 & now I'm a Southern Baptist. I will never forget the day Dan was teaching Sunday School class and was making fun of the Penacostal religion.Then I told him I grew up in that church & I think he could've craweled under the table. Of course, I thought it was funny and it didnt bother me. You just never know...

Well, I told you I didn't have any weird things about me and not very interesting either. If I do think of more I will be sure to add it to my blog.

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Debbie said...

That I flip is disgusting. Sorry loser!! I guess we will find out shortly or maybe not.