Friday, July 4, 2008

Hot Summer Day's are so much fun

The past two days have been so much fun. I took the boys to Dollar Tree and you would've thought it was Santa's workshop. I didn't even put Jackson in a basket, just to see what he would go for and he loves balls. He carried this Cinderella ball all over the store until I put it back and he got so made. We have a 100 balls around the house. I actually went in there to get the boys a few more fun floats for the waterpark. The have all the characters like Spiderman, Shriek, etc. for just a buck. One item we found was a pack of 100 water bombs. It even came with a valve to hook on your waterhose, for quick filling. We made about 20 balloons, and had so much fun throwing them at each other. I didn't take any pics b/c I was a player. Haha
I do have some cute pics of the boys enjoying a good old Popsicle.

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Breanne Vasquez said...

How fun!! We had a water balloon fight this weekend too. I thought I was just going to be the filler but I got soaked.