Friday, July 11, 2008

Whats Quirky about Me?

So lets see whats quirky about me:

First of all I like my towels folded a certain way;tri-fold to be exact. If you can't fold it the way I want it , then don't fold my laundry at all.
2. quoting my husband.."I get several projects going, but don't finish the first one until later. Yes I know, I should finish one and then start on another.
3. I cant stand my tooth brush to sit out on the counter all day. That to me is so nasty. I think a fly might land on it and poop or something. Must be protected and in a drawer.
4. When it comes to cleaning my house, I use a tooth brush.When I clean, I do it right! I am very picky around the toilet. I clean the toilet with my hand and a wash cloth. Yes, most of you might think that is gross, but you can't get your toilet truly clean using a brush.
5.I am picky when it comes to the pantry. I like beans w/beans, & corn w/corn, ect. Breakfast items are all on one shelf. I know where to find all my stuff.
6. I can't stand people who mooch for money when they smoke or drink alcohol. Don't tell me your broke and have no money when you go out to eat 3 or more times a week.There is no pity here.
7. Honestly I'm not to quirky...
8. I like things MY way.



Breanne Vasquez said...

You could come and help me at my house!! I like that kind of cleaning but it grosses me out to do it.

Shannon said...

I don't call that quirky. It sounds more like OCD to me!

And you like things YOUR way? Noooooooo! WHO, in a MILLION years, would've thought that??? lol